Another Level Beauty Supply offers a unique variety of beauty products to meet your every demand! Established by Valarie and William Pickett in 2020, extraordinary entrepreneurs with a deep-seated interest in helping people achieve their ideal looks and feel confident, we have now become a beloved vital part of the Florence community.

Valarie and her many years in customer service and retail management have a lot to do with the way we approach our customer service and our welcoming environment. Our experienced and efficient staff is available to help you choose the right products based on your preferences and get the best results possible for your desired look.

Our selection of premium beauty supplies encompasses both those desired by professional stylists as well as those that are suitable for at-home care, all at affordable prices. We treat every customer as a part of our family and we aim to create a friendly environment where every one of our customers will look amazing and feel confident.




Another Beauty Supply is operated by Valarie Pickett and her husband William Pickett

Valarie, owns both expertise and passion for beauty. Valarie brings a strong background in management and customer service, the she acquired in various positions before opening Another Level Beauty Supply. She holds both a BS and AA. This gives evidence to the fact that she places a priority on hard work and going above and beyond. Valarie's commitment to customer satisfaction are the catalysts of Another Level Beauty Supply standing out in the market. By doing so, she is building a positive, encouraging environment in the workplace for her team, which, in turn, enables them to deliver top-notch service every time for the customers.

William,is the genius behind the scenes, with a strong background in the IT industry. William is a retired IT Manager for the Department of Justice and has a Degree in Network Technologies. He creates and implements all IT and Marketing related strategies for Another Level Beauty Supply which includes Social Media marketing, Rewards Program, Email and Text Campaigns,Website Design, Omni Channel Platform Sales,Vendor Relations,Contract Sales and Product Development. His passion for IT innovations and strageties will always have Another Level Beauty Supply on the cutting edge and keeping pace with the latest trends.

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